Christa Engelbrecht

Dr. Christa Engelbrecht

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S214 Valerida Centre, Piet Retief street
Stellenbosch 7600
Afrique du Sud


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Phone: +27218832679
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About Dr. Christa Engelbrecht

Dr. Christa Engelbrecht practiced dentistry in the UK for 12 years and was one of the earlier adopters of clear aligner treatments while still there. She moved back to her native South Africa more than 9 years ago and established a state-of-the-art digital practice in the heart of the university town of Stellenbosch.

Introducing Clearcorrect into her practice 2 years ago has been a complete game-changer in her opinion, and she is now treating a wide range of patients from minor crowding to severe crowding, young and old.

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Dr. Christa Engelbrecht
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